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A quality conscious and ISO certified company that designs and develops hi-end Scientific Instruments, Chemistry Lab Equipment, Microscopes, and other products.

About Us

The backbone of the world development is science and technology. Innovations and developments that make living better are because of science and technology. All the industries are benefited because of technology and science, but a few domains that have revolutionized human living are medical, pharmaceutical and scientific. Unilab Microscope Manufacturing Company (P) Ltd. is engaged in medical and scientific field and specialize in bringing forth customers a wide variety for Phase Contrast Equipment, Material Testing Instruments, Binocular Research Microscope, Biology Lab Equipment, and various other instruments and equipment that are used in hospitals, eye checking institutes, metal industries, etc. Our company came into being in the year 1978. Years of dedicated service helped us solidify our position in this competitive market as a Manufacturer and Exporter